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Since founding in 1995, ITVnet has provided Webcasts from around the globe. From the top of Himalayas to the depths of the ocean, ITVnet's transmissions have provided our clients with the positive results that were being sought. Our 400+ Webcasts have included: the Grammy, Tony and Emmy awards, numerous sports championships, major concerts, trade shows and conferences, political announcements and other important events.


  Webcast Events from 1998
B.C. Technology Industry Conference

October 14th, 1998.
Pillars of Growth: B.C. and Beyond. A conference to identify strategic opportunities to ensure B.C.'s technology industry continues its rapid rate of growth and continues to compete globally.
1998 Emmy Awards
August 29th, 1998.
The 50th Annual 1998 Creative Arts Awards, from The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
Sumo Canada Basho 1998
June 7th, 1998.
Includes the opening ceremonies, the Rikishi wrestling with kids, and the tournament itself.
BCTEL New Media and Broadcast Fund
April 16th, 1998.
Film Incentive BC provides economic incentives for film and television productions in British Columbia.
4 Little Girls
February 19th, 1998.
Acclaimed director Spike Lee
conferenced with LA school children about
his new movie & race relations in America.
2nd MSC Intl.
Advisory Panel Meeting

February 13th, 1998.
The Multimedia Super Corridor has made
bold strides to bring a world-class
test-bed for multimedia operations.
Video On the 'Net
February 12th, 1998.
Video on the Net is the key industry
conference for companies creating and
using enabling technologies for Internet
video in communications & business.
The IP Multicast Summit '98
February 10th, 1998.
The industry's biggest event
focused on the business of
IP Multicast.
NANBA Annual
General Meeting

February 10th, 1998.
NANBA is converging on the stars of
Hollywood, but the spotlight will be on
its own cast of characters.
Shut Up & Listen
February 5th, 1998.
Third Avenue Gallery presents the
artwork of Chantal Lefebvre & Laura
Jane Petelko. Art exhibition & interviews.
Vancouver Enterprise Forum
February 4th, 1998.
VEF fosters the advancement
of technology based enterprises in
British Columbia.
VTV Online
January 29th, 1998.
Watch the VT Interactive Segment on
domain names that was originally broadcast
live January 29, at 6 & 11pm.
January 12th, 1998.
We invite you to the gallery to
see the first virtual and real
experience of local artist's work.
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