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August 31 from 17:00 to 19:00 PDT [1:00 to 3:00 GMT]
from the Hualapi Playa desert in Nevada.

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"It's ritualistic, it's anarchic, it's primal, it's a radical communal experiment, it's art, it's the death of art, it's dream-like, it's surreal, it's creative, it's destructive, it's absurd, it's spiritual, it's real."
- From The Burning Man Website.

During this Labor Day weekend event (Wednesday, August 27 through to Monday, September 1, 1997), a temporary city will be erected in the desert, serviced by streets, lighted walkways, with its own daily newspaper and radio stations and at the center of it all will be the four-story tall Burning Man. ITV.Net will give Web viewers the chance to explore the city, check out the Theme Camps and Villages, see live performances and of course witness the Burning Man itself.

"Culture is a spontaneously occuring social event"
"Culture is based on communion, not consumption"
Larry Harvey, 1997

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Tune in to the inspiring words of Larry Harvey,founder and perpetuator of this 12 year old event. Through rich storytelling, Larry brings us back to Burningman's point of origin. By the end of the speech there should be no question as to why this event(experiment) stands galaxies apart from any other!

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