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The 1999 Burning Man Film Festival is an amazing collection of work in the spirit of the radical self-expression of Burning Man.

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Burning Man is OVER for this year! Thanks for tuning in.

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For each day, we have features, interviews, daily events, parties and comments from the floor of the desert.

Daily Archive

If you missed it live, it's available on-demand now

Intro and Monday's Footage!

Tuesday, Aug 31
Opening Fire, Recycle Man and Soulmates

Wednesday, September 1
Building the Man, Drum theory

Thursday, September 2
Alien Chess, Soulmates, Booty

Friday, September 3
Megavolt, Temple of Water

Saturday, September 4
Opera, fire and music

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1999 Burning Man Film Festival


Friday 03 Sep 99 Live ~9PM PST:
Grand Procession Around the Wheel of Time. OVER

Saturday 04 Sep 99 Live ~9PM PST: The Burning Man: if you didn't see this, this was incredible. Pyromtechnics, propane explosions and a huge 30-ft wicker man in flames. Like the end of time. Truly apocalyptic. OVER.