Cannes Film Festival
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From Cannes, France May 8 - 17, 1997
ITV.Net brings you highlights from the 50th International Film Festival. We have interviews with directors, panels of the film industry's movers and shakers, as well as clips of the sights and sounds around Cannes.

This year's festival included entries from such major directors as Germany's Wim Wenders, China's Zhang Yimou, Italy's Francesco Rosi and Taiwanese-American Ang Lee.

Let ITV.Net be your eyes as we give you sneak previews of the future hits of 1997.

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play The Red Carpet on Opening Night  info
play ITV.Net on the Street at Cannes  info
play An Evening Stroll around Cannes  info
play A Walk Around Cannes  info
play Mira Sorvino Opens the American Pavillion  info
play Quest for the Best  info
play Ma Vie en Rose  info
play Meet Kabukiman  info
play Schlock and Schlockability  info
play Cannes Trade Show  info
play Broadway Damage  info
play Larry Gross Interview  info
play The Next 50 years of Global Film Panel  info
play How to Submit Your Film Panel  info
play Interview with John Jacobs,  info
play Interview with Roger Ebert. info
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The Changing Face of Independent Film Panel  info
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The Art of the Screenplay Panel  info