ITV.Net was proud to bring you the U.S. Department of Education's
Improving America's Schools Western Regional Conference

It was webcast live from San Diego, California
on October 16, @ 15:30-16:30 PT & October 17, 1997 @ 09:00-14:00 PT

The U.S. Department of Education is pleased to present the 1997 Regional Conferences on Improving America's Schools (IAS), which will be held in three locations this fall, starting in San Diego, October 16-18, 1997.

President Clinton has made education his number one priority for the next four years. All educators have a tremendous role to play in providing educational equity and excellence for students.
With your help and involvement, we can achieve the kind of comprehensive school reform that will keep the American nation Strong & Competitive.

Ondemand video of the conference

Opening Session
1 hour 24 minutes
  • Jim Kohlmoos, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Intro Franklin L. Till, San Diego Deputy Superintendent
  • Jim Kohlmoos, Conference Overview Dang Pham, OBEMLA
  • Jim Kohlmoos Delain Eastin, Speaker
  • President Clinton's Video Message
  • Jim Kohlmoos Introduces Multimedia Presentation
  • Jim Kohlmoos presents the Department of Education Panel

Introduction to Session and Purpose
29 minutes
  • Elliott Medrich is Joined by 3 Panelists to Reflect on Session Themes and Discussions Panelists: Joel Shawn, CA Center for School Restructuring; Robert Blum, School Improvement Program, NWREL; Yvonne Rodriquez, Paramount High School, California

Technology Institute, Part 1
2 hours 04 minutes
  • Linda Roberts, Intro
  • Margaret Riel, Visionary View of Educational Technology
  • Barbara Means, Research Perspective
  • Charly Bullock, Zuni Pueblo, Promising Practice
  • Jack Detzel, Delta Cyber School, AK, Promising Practice
  • Don Lake, Judi Snyder-Gordon, Belinda Lister, TEAMS Learning, LACOE, Promising Practice

Technology Session, Part 2 and School Options Session
20 minutes
  • Linda Roberts, Introduces Chuck Lovett and Kevin Roacap
  • Charles (Chuck) Lovett, Technology Literacy Callenge Fund, US Dept. of Education
  • Kevin Roacap, Pacific Southwest Regional Technology in Education Consortium Center for Language Minority Education and Research CA State Univ. Long Beach

Public School Choice Options
1 hour 43 minutes
  • Bradley Scott, Researcher, Choice and Magnet Schools IDRA Desegregation Assistance Center
  • Tom Henry, Eugene SD, OR
  • Laurence Holguin, San Jose High Academy, San Jose, CA
  • Norris Hill, Magnet Program, San Jose, CA
  • Lisa Carlos, Researcher, Choice and Charter Schools
  • Leslie Wolt, Clear View Charter School, Vista SD, CA
  • Irene Sumida, Fenton Avenue Charter School, Los Angeles, CA

For event information, see the IAS Western Regional Conference Web Page.

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