The Stardust IP Multicast Summit

"Together, Internet broadcasting and multicasting are the next chapters in the evolution of the Internet as a revolutionary catalyst for the Information Age."
Vint Cerf, senior vice president of Internet Architecture and Engineering, MCI.

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Vint Cerf,
Senior VP of Internet Architecture and Engineering

Judy Estrin,
Precept Software
President, CEO and Founder

IP Multicast:

The State of the Industry IP Multicast is moving to the forefront of the Internet industry. It promises a better Internet -- optimized for networked multimedia, webcasting, true push and multicast file transfer applications. Vint Cerf and Judy Estrin, who worked together on early TCP/IP protocols at Stanford University, will re-unite to offer their perspectives on IP Multicast now and through the rest of the Millennium.

Produced by Stardust Forums, this conference is happening in San Jose, CA, Feb. 8-10.
It covers the latest in technology, products, and deployment of multicast and video streaming technologies. Join us!

If you'd like to learn more, visit the Official IP Multicast Initiative Website.

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