ITV.Net was pleased to present the live netcast of the final date of this year's

a celebration of women in music at Thunderbird Stadium,
Vancouver, Sunday August 24, 1997,.

The Live Webcast of the Concert is over

Thanks to all at Nettmedia, Nettwerk, Lilith Fair, Panther Production Company Inc., and SonicNet. For more information on the Lilith Fair, including the complete lineup, check out the official site.

"It's celebrating what we are -- the fact that after centuries of women's voices and ideas being suppressed, we've finally come into a time where women can be heard and respected and loved for what they say. That's something worth celebrating." Sarah McLachlan
(Entertainment Weekly, July 04, 1997)

Special thanks to those who tuned in LIVE. Those of you who missed it the first time can watch for a rebroadcast of concert hi-lites here, & view these great clips of captured footage.

Sarah McLachlan
  • Song One (28.8kps)
  • Song One (56kps)
  • Hold On
  • Witness
  • Angel
  • Indigo Girls
  • Closer To Fine
  • Canadian Driftwood
  • Lisa Loeb
  • Heartbeat
  • You Say
  • Paula Cole
  • The Cowboy Song (28.8kps)
  • The Cowboy Song (56kps)
  • Jolene (28.8kps)
  • Jolene (56kps)
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