ITV.Net presents an insiders interview with Marillion on tour

Notoriously unfashionable, Marillion have nevertheless remained a musical force to be reckoned with and their intelligent and imaginative treatment of the rock genere make them one of the most under-rated rock bands working in North America today.

Marillion's style of melodic rock is brilliantly played and sung, and although it is often soaring and majestic, the band never gave way to musical excesses or over-indulgence. Steve Hogarth or affectionately "H's" energetic presence and theatrical touches perfectly compliment the music whether it be invoking tenderness or high octane emotion. Moreover as a unit they have an extremely warm personality which pervades their work, particularly their live performances which have quite rightly earned them the reputation of being a truly awesome live outfit.

Excerpt from the Movie 'Brave'

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"This Strange Engine" is Marillion's ninth studio album and fifth with consummate vocalist Steve Hogarth at the helm. These days Hogarth's identity is well and truly stamped into the character of Marillion.

For your viewing enjoyment, we are pleased to present 'Brave' in it's entirety. Browse our selection of Marillion Videos & be sure to check out the Interviews with Steve H, Mark Kelly and the band.

Title: Cover My Eyes
Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Title: Dry Land
Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Title: Easter
Director: Paul Cox
Title: Brave
Excerpt from the Marillion Movie

Title: Hooks In You
Director: Nick Morris
Title: No One Can
Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Title: Sympathy
Director: Bill Smith

Title: Uninvited Guest
Director: Nick Brandt
Title: Hollow Man

Exclusive Video Interviews
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