Annual General Meeting
February 8 - 10, 1997 from Los Angeles, California.

Star-studded line-up of speakers lights up AGM agenda

The North American National Broadcasters Association (NANBA) is all set to converge on the stars of Hollywood, but the spotlight will be on its own cast of characters.

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Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell, HDTV guru and CBS Vice-President Joseph Flaherty, highly-regarded director-producers Lionel Chetwynd and Bruce Moccia, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences President Meryl Marshall and renowned UCLA media analyst Jeffrey Cole are just six of those who will shine brightly on the NANBA stage.

The AGM will draw leading broadcast executives from across North America and be headquartered at the Wyndham Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood. DIRECTV, a NANBA member, is the official host.

For further information, please visit the NANBA Website.


DTV/HDTV - Reinventing Television:
Joseph Flaherty - Sr.VP, Technology, CBS Inc.
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Is Hollywood Going International: Myth or Fact?
Jeff Cole - Director, Centre for Communcations Policy UCLA
Carole Kirschner - SVP, Creative Affairs, Medialab
Jonathan Brownlee - Producer, Winterhaven Productions
Lionel Chetwynd - Producer
Edward James Olmos - Actor
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The 3 Key Regulatory Trends in Canada, Mexico and the US and the Impact on Broadcasting
Larry Olson - Deputy Chief of Planning & Negotiation, International Bureau, FCC
Susan Baldwin - Executive Director, Broadcasting, CRTC
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Future Directions for DIRECTV
Eddy Hartenstein - President, DIRECTV
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A few brief comments
Edward James Olmos - Actor
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A few brief comments
Lionel Chetwynd - Producer
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Photograph courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation