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Extreme Competitors
Chinense Downhill
Extreme Ski Championship
Rip Curl "Heli-Challenge" extreme skiing and boarding
championship from New Zealand, August 12 at 7:30pm PDT. Exclusive ITV.Net Webcast event.

Don't try this at home kids. Well, actually you can't, unless your mom is a licensed helicopter pilot. To get to the top of these southern New Zealand Alps in the heart of Wanaka, you need your own 'chopper.

`The world's top 20 extreme skiers and 30 extreme boarders have descended onto New Zealand highest peaks for a death defying competition and we're bringing it to you in a live Webcast.

These skiers and snowboarders compete simultaneously on the side of the glacier, judged on the severity of their path down the mountain, speed and difficulty of maneuvers.

Webcast will include the daring "you fall, you die" competition, insider's interviews, wild parties and local atmosphere. So if you're into the best skiers and snowboarders the world has to offer and you can't wait til winter; see all the extreme action here on ITV.Net as we give you the Rip Curl "Heli-Challenge".