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Live from Jonesborough, TN, October 5th at 20:00 PT (04:00 GMT)

The Live webcast is over, but you can still enjoy our
Captured Footage from the Event

"America is rediscovering the
 magic of storytelling,"
  Reader's Digest
"Jonesborough is the seat of a
 storytelling renaissance . . . "
 Smithsonian magazine

Now you can hear critically-acclaimed storytellers from across the land as they share the stage during this once-upon-a-time event. Treat yourself to unforgettable tales told by the National Storytelling Association's Circle of Excellence Award recipients, master tellers who have set exceptional standards in storytelling performances. Listen as exciting new tellers expand the bounds of the storytelling revival. Never again will this ensemble of unique voices be gathered together for such a historic event.

Jimmy Neil Smith
Festival Director

       Festival Introduction

Only the National Storytelling Festival--the nation's oldest and most dynamic storytelling event--could bring together this remarkable chorus of nationally-recognized performers. Only here can you experience storytelling at its best and most magical. Join us as America's most talented tale tellers celebrate this historic event--the 25th anniversary of the National Storytelling Festival.

Storytelling Tips
Not every experience makes a good story, but if it does, the experience will be remembered long after the facts fade. The tale spinners share their views on what makes a good story work.
Sharing the stories What's important.
Good Material Like the story
Well, do tell Practice

The Storytellers
Twenty-Four gifted tale tellers participated in this years event, leaving their audience spellbound with tales of ghosts, folklore, & mystery. We are proud to present captured footage from 5 of them for you here.

David Holt

Ray Hicks

Kathryn Windham

Doc McConnell

Jackie Torrance
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  • Yarnspinner's Party

    "The Unofficial Storytellers" gather in Courthouse Square to enthrall the crowds with thier tales. This get-together is not sanctioned but has grown in popularity over the years.
    Len  Jackson  Angela  Cathy  Jay

    Youthful Voices
    "Story, story, make it yours and pass it on." The movement, begun by adults, is being passed on to a younger generation. Here are 3 examples of such future storytellers.
    Adam McGee  AlenaB  ZaneVB

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