Shut Up and Listen

February 5 to February 28,1998.
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 19 - 6 pm

The Opening:

Opening Thursday February 5, 1997 PST from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., Third Avenue Gallery proudly
presents the drawings and photographs of Chantal Lefebvre and Laura Jane Petelko.

Both artists explore the co-opting of the female form as a means to captivate and manipulate
an audience for purposes of the sale. Through the interjection of text or the juxtaposition of
conflicting images both artists succeed in subverting out traditional view of the female form and
facilitate fresh and alternative thoughts. Their views are not only tender, cheeky, joyful and
angry, but they are consistently irreverant, poignant and beautiful.

The Netcast:

The opening, including video interviews with the artists will be "Netcast" across the Internet
with the assistance of ArtSource, James Riley, Weston Triemstra and In order
to view the Netcast, if you have a Macintosh Power PC or a IBM PC, you can download the Windows Media Player and watch the event live.

Link HERE to watch the Netcast live.

Artist's Statements:

Laura Jane Petelko

Chantal Lefebvre

email: TAG