Sunday, Sept 7, 1997

ITV.Net was in Toronto for exclusive live coverage of the Canadian Film Centre's Festival BBQ -- THE gala event of the 1997 Toronto International Film Festival -- sponsored by Digital Equipment Corporation.

Thanks to all those who tuned in! We now have captured footage available for your enjoyment.

Interview with Norman Jewisen, founder of the Canadian Film Center

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Title: Technetium
Director: Denis Villeneuve

Title: L'Individuelle
Director: Marie-Julie Dalflaire

More Film Clips from the Toronto International Film Festival

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Director Norman Jewison hosted more than 2000 filmmakers and celebrities in the ranch-style setting of the grand E.P.Taylor Estate in North York. Celebrities in attendance this year included such luminaries as William Hurt, Sidney Poitier, David Carradine, Molly Ringwald and Helena Bonham-Carter.

Check out some other excerpts of movies that premiered at this years Toronto International Film Festival!
Title: Festival Promo
Director: Canadian Film Centre
Title: Home For The Blind Women
Director: Sandra Kybartas
Title: Prey
Director: Helen Lee
Title: Sshhh...
Director: Scott Smith
Title: Shift
Director: Shaun Cathcard
Title: Daypass
Director: Cal Coons
Title: Night Of The Living
Director: Andrew Currie
Title: Elevated
Director: Vincent Natali
Title: Strands
Director: Sue Rynard
Title: Uncle
Director: Christopher Grismer
Title: The Passion Of
John Ruskin

Director: Alex Chapple
Title: Cleveland Wood's
Last Day on Earth

Director: Andrew Ainsworth
Title: Homegame
Director: Paul Fox
Title: Cramps
Director: Penny Gay

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