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The 13th annual of Twilight Dance, series 97
Every Thursday from 7:30 - 9:30 PM till the End of Summer

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Aug 14th 1997 7:30 PM PDT Quetzacoatl
These guys play tradional Latino American Music.
Sones and more from Cuba,Venezuela, Peru, and Mexico.

Sergio Arau & Moctezuma’s Revenge
Contemporary Aztec rock 'n roll with an acid norteno bent. Heavy Mex. Part rock 'n roller, part performance artist, and part socio-political commentator, Arau combines humor, R&R and traditional Mexican music
Santa Monica, CA
Aug 28th 1997 7:30 PM PDT Quatre Etoiles
Afro-pop Zairean soukous supergroup, the "Four Stars"(Nyboma, Bopo, Syran and Wat Mayi) combine pure soaring vocals with jubilant propulsive instrumentals resulting in the most danceable music anywhere.
Santa Monica, CA
Sept 4th 1997 7:30 PM PDT YellowJackets
Jazz that fuses polyrythmic grooves with melodic sax and keyboard sounds. Two time Grammy winners have been around since 1980 and we are thrilled to have them close our 1997 season.
Santa Monica, CA