Tulsa Public Schools
Tulsa Public Schools Technology Webcast
April 6th, 1999, from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Visit Tulsa Public Schools online at www.tulsaschools.org beginning at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, April 6th for Oklahoma’s first school district webcast. Sponsored by Williams Communications Solutions, a unit of Williams Communications, and web engineered by ITVnet, the webcast will offer participants an opportunity to see first-hand how Tulsa Public Schools is integrating technology within its curriculum. The webcast will be available for viewing for at least one month following the April 6th kickoff at www.tulsaschools.org and www.wilcomsol.com.

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The live webcast is complete but on-demand video from the event is now available!
The on-demand re-broadcast of Education for a New Millenium is available in two formats.
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