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Founded in 1995, ITV.net was one of the first providers dedicated to making the Internet a viable medium for television station broadcasting and global delivery of streaming media.

ITV.net has continued to evolve its network infrastructure and proprietary applications to support a variety of advanced functions such as: asset management, e-commerce, and global broadcasting of television and video content.

The Company's pioneering efforts in webcasting of major events were distributed to some of the largest Internet audiences, including the launch of U2 World Tour, Grammy and Tony Awards, Cannes Film Festival, David Bowie, numerous other concerts from around the globe, Broadway Plays, World-Class Sports Championships, International Film Festivals, and many others.

ITV.net has undertaken ground-breaking work to successfully help TV stations and organization to deliver enhanced communications, marketing and entertainment content. Clients have included numerous broadcasters, Microsoft Corporation, HP-Compaq, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, Smithsonian Institute, US Department of Education, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, among others.

ITV.net's world-class development team is taking its years of streaming and broadcast experience and putting it to work on creating innovative solutions that increase the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness for expanded delivery of breaking news, weather, financial and entertainment information through unique hybrid delivery for TV station broadcast with concurrent Internet streaming multicasting.